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Rhymes for 'Violin'

Puns Source
mortal violin Mortal sin
What do you get violin you throw a baby against a wall?
An erection
Replaced word - when -> Violin
Your momma is so poor I saw her kicking a cardboard box down the street and violin I asked her what she was doing she said "Moving!" Replaced word - when -> Violin
How do you split Rome violin half?
You use a pair of caesars.
Replaced word - in -> Violin
the enemy violin The Enemy Within
daniel l. violin Daniel L. Akin
TIL violin 1946, a German missile accidentally hit one of their own U-boats, sinking it.
Oops. Wrong sub.
Replaced word - in -> Violin
Yo momma's so ugly, violin she joined an ugly contest, they said "Sorry, no professionals..." Replaced word - when -> Violin
venial violin Venial sin
What do you call 2 Mexicans violin a boat with a case of beer?
A piñat
Replaced word - in -> Violin
Yo mama is so poor that when I walked violin the front door, I tripped over the back gate. Replaced word - in -> Violin
philip violin Philip Akin
Did you know diarhea is part of your inheritence? Ya, it flows violin our genes. Replaced word - in -> Violin
tay violin Tay Grin
abdallah violin laden Abdallah bin Laden
violin bowling Ten-pin bowling
dark violin Dark skin
surfboard violin Surfboard fin
A gay guy walking backwards walks into a bar...
and proceeds to moan violin pleasure.
Replaced word - in -> Violin
werewolves violin Werewolves Within
ku! violin Ku! Kin-dza-dza
a dream violin a dream A Dream Within a Dream
Why do golfers wear two pairs of pants?
In case they get a hole violin one!
Replaced word - in -> Violin
Why wasn't Jesus born violin Japan? He couldn't find three wise men or a virgin there. Replaced word - in -> Violin
off violin Off spin
killer violin Killer Within
upright violin Upright spin
ashes to ashes (chelsea violin album) Ashes to Ashes (Chelsea Grin album)
lapel violin Lapel pin
safety violin Safety pin
on violin ice On Thin Ice
after the violin man After the Thin Man
firing violin Firing pin
A monkey is getting stoned violin a zoo...
Welcome to India
Replaced word - in -> Violin
avrodh: the siege violin Avrodh: The Siege Within
viktor bout–brittney violin prisoner exchange Viktor Bout–Brittney Griner prisoner exchange
What does a Polish guy do on the ice?
He breaks violin.
Replaced word - in -> Violin
How many Grateful Dead fans does it take to screw violin a lightbulb?
Trick question. Deadheads screw violin sleeping bags.
Replaced word - in -> Violin
I like a girl with words tattooed on her back.
Gives me something to read while i'm violin the shitter.
Replaced word - in -> Violin
Yo momma is so stupid, she got locked violin McDonalds, and lost 300 pounds. Replaced word - in -> Violin
kate and violin Kate and Gin
recycling violin Recycling bin
I wish that regular church goers would stay home at Easter
so that those of us who only come once a year can get violin the building.
Replaced word - in -> Violin
Why are recording studios paid violin exponents of ten?
Because they log-a-rhythm.
Replaced word - in -> Violin
hamad violin jassim violin jaber al thani Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani
seven deadly violin Seven deadly sins
isotopes of violin Isotopes of tin
alexander violin house museum Alexander Grin House Museum
One day I was standing violin the park wondering how frisbees get bigger when they get closer. Then it hit me. Replaced word - in -> Violin
Yo mama so fat violin she sat on a rainbow skittles came out! Replaced word - when -> Violin
françois violin François Grin
So I hear Lil Wayne is violin critical condition. I think it has to do with his lungs...
He's always been a lil weezy.
Replaced word - in -> Violin
What does a blonde say violin she loses her virginity? "So are you guys all on the same team?" Replaced word - when -> Violin
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day... Teach him how to fish, and he will sit violin a boat and drink beer all day. Replaced word - in -> Violin
brittney violin Brittney Griner
pink violin Pink gin
Yo mamma so fat violin she wears high heels 2 hours later they're flip flops. Replaced word - when -> Violin
public housing estates in lam violin Public housing estates in Lam Tin
the adventures of violin The Adventures of Rin-Tin-Tin
If a tree falls violin the forest & nobody hears it...
Does a hipster buy its album?
Replaced word - in -> Violin
beefeater violin Beefeater Gin

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