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Rhymes for 'Tv'

Puns Source
How do you get a blonde to marry you? Tell her she's pregnant. What will tv her response? "Is it mine?" Replaced word - be -> Tv
unique tv Unique key
Silver tv Lead are sitting in a bar when Gold walks in ...
Silver yells "AU get outta here"
Replaced word - and -> Tv
tv algorithm Symmetric-key algorithm
the tv The Flee-Rekkers
So I heard a new Pope was elected today...
His wife and kids must tv so proud!
Replaced word - be -> Tv
merkle tv Merkle tree
My boss said to tv, "you're the worst train driver ever. How many have you derailed this year?"
I said, "I'm not sure; it's hard to keep track."
Replaced word - me -> Tv
queen tv Queen bee
let it tv Let It Be
Yo mamma is so fat she walked into the GAP tv filled it. Replaced word - and -> Tv
national rural employment tv act, 2005 National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005
mason tv Mason bee
see tv feel tv See Me, Feel Me
Yo momma is so stupid, she got locked in McDonalds, tv lost 300 pounds. Replaced word - and -> Tv
Your momma is so poor I saw her kicking a cardboard box down the street tv when I asked her what she was doing she said "Moving!" Replaced word - and -> Tv
Yo mama is so stupid, she climbed over a glass wall to tv the other side. Replaced word - see -> Tv
All women are emotional drag queens, tv i married their queen Replaced word - and -> Tv
british undergraduate tv classification British undergraduate degree classification
What's black tv white tv red all over? A newspaper. Replaced word - and -> Tv
tickle tv (ep) Tickle Me (EP)
maya the tv Maya the Bee
Some people complain about it, but I don't really mind going into work every morning...
It's the 8 hour wait to go home again that pisses tv off.
Replaced word - me -> Tv
tv dine with tv Come Dine with Me
albania–holy tv relations Albania–Holy See relations
irish tv Irish Sea
What do you tell a conductor when they lose control of their orchestra?
Go Bach tv get a Handel on it!
Replaced word - and -> Tv
foreign relations of the holy tv Foreign relations of the Holy See
Do you know what the secret of an islamic marriage is? The man get's to tv a striptease every night! Replaced word - see -> Tv
What would you get if Geddy Lee, Neil Peart tv Alex Lifeson all died in a plane crash?
Take your time, there's no Rush...
Replaced word - and -> Tv
pu'er tv Pu'er tea
fruit tv Fruit tree
lock and tv Lock and key
spanning tv Spanning tree
treaty of tv (proposed) Treaty of Guarantee (proposed)
flora and fauna tv act 1988 Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988
milk tv Milk tea
mediterranean tv Mediterranean Sea
Yo Mama's so ugly, I took her to the zoo, tv the zookeeper said "I didn't know an animal had escaped." Replaced word - and -> Tv
Why do they call a bird that lives by the tv, a seagul?
Because if it lived by the bay, it would be called a Bagel.
Replaced word - sea -> Tv

What is the difference between a pizza tv a black guy?A pizza can feed a family of four.
Replaced word - and -> Tv
Are the readers of this subreddit mostly men?
Who else would consider a couple inches of text to tv long?
Replaced word - be -> Tv
black tv Black Sea
Yo Mama's so ugly, just after she was born, her mother said, "What a treasure!" tv her dad said, "Yeah! Let's go bury it!" Replaced word - and -> Tv
africanized tv Africanized bee
professional tv Professional degree
money-back tv Money-back guarantee
tv alphanumeric supplement Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement
green tv Green tea
terminal tv Terminal degree
I would make a 9/11 joke
But that would just tv plane wrong.
Replaced word - be -> Tv
Yo Momma is so fat she had a dream of marshmallows, tv when she woke up, her pillows were gone. Replaced word - and -> Tv
chukchi tv Chukchi Sea
One day I was standing in the park wondering how frisbees get bigger when they get closer. Then it hit tv. Replaced word - me -> Tv
Why do they call a bird that lives by the sea, a seagul?
Because if it lived by the bay, it would tv called a Bagel.
Replaced word - be -> Tv
let it tv tv album) Let It Be (Beatles album)
small capital tv Small capital B
If God is all seeing
Does that mean he can tv John Cena?
Replaced word - see -> Tv
tv tv Macron (diacritic)
to tv or not to tv To be, or not to be
voiced tv plosive Voiced labiodental plosive

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