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Rhymes for 'Stress'

Puns Source
cambridge university stress Cambridge University Press
information systems stress model Information systems success model
generation stress Generation Progress
early stress Early access
What'stress a 68?
You do me, and I'll owe you 1!!
Replaced word - s -> Stress
When Hugh Hefner dies
I don't think people will say he'stress in a better place.
Replaced word - s -> Stress
microsoft visual studio stress Microsoft Visual Studio Express
daily stress Daily Express
Here in California Catholics use non-fat, high fiber communion wafers.
They call them "I can't believe it'stress not Jesus"
Replaced word - s -> Stress
pharyngeal stress Pharyngeal recess
ipv4 stress exhaustion IPv4 address exhaustion
critical stress factor Critical success factor
oxford university stress Oxford University Press
bench stress Bench press
angels of stress Angels of Distress
So I hear Lil Wayne is in critical condition. I think it has to do with his lungs...
He'stress always been a lil weezy.
Replaced word - s -> Stress
wireless stress point Wireless access point
You know, there'stress one thing I have yet to witness in life.
A crippled stand-up comedian.
Replaced word - s -> Stress
the pilgrim's stress The Pilgrim's Progress
doctor in stress Doctor in Distress
stochastic stress Stochastic process
ornstein–uhlenbeck stress Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process
I heard German invented new DDR-memory...
It'stress called "cyclone bee"
Replaced word - s -> Stress
What sucks about being an egg?
You get laid once, and it'stress by your mom.
Replaced word - s -> Stress
What'stress the difference between ignorance and apathy?
Don't know, don't care.
Replaced word - s -> Stress
wedding stress Wedding dress
I'm a scientist
I'm always trying to guess if it'stress solid, liquid or gas. When I fart.
Replaced word - s -> Stress
shatabdi stress Shatabdi Express
My mailman got gender reassignment surgery.
Now he'stress a post man
Replaced word - s -> Stress
respiratory stress syndrome Respiratory distress syndrome
negligent infliction of emotional stress Negligent infliction of emotional distress
optic stress Optic recess
conditional stress Conditional access
hybrid stress journal Hybrid open-access journal
mental stress Mental distress
What'stress a Sicilian terrorists favorite treat?
Italian ISIS'
Replaced word - s -> Stress
What would you get if Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson all died in a plane crash?
Take your time, there'stress no Rush...
Replaced word - s -> Stress
pal stress PAL Express
wiener stress Wiener process
infant respiratory stress syndrome Infant respiratory distress syndrome
industrial stress control Industrial process control
microsoft stress Microsoft Access
Remember, you can't spell Valentine'stress Day without...
... Anal Destiny.
Replaced word - s -> Stress
white house stress secretary White House Press Secretary
internet stress Internet access
Yo Mama'stress so dumb she took a spoon to the Superbowl! Replaced word - s -> Stress
stress alphanumeric stress Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement
intentional infliction of emotional stress Intentional infliction of emotional distress
swan stress Swan dress
sphenoethmoidal stress Sphenoethmoidal recess
microvoid stress Microvoid coalescence
lateral stress Lateral recess
little black stress Little black dress
the awakening (lord stress album) The Awakening (Lord Finesse album)
detroit free stress Detroit Free Press
food 4 stress Food 4 Less
Why doesn't North Korea'stress population exponentially grow?
Because they must build additional pylons.
Replaced word - s -> Stress
I know it'stress sick...
But I'm curious about what bulimics do in the toilet.
Replaced word - s -> Stress
unified stress Unified Process
pci stress PCI Express
damsel in stress (song) Damsel in Distress (song)

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