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Rhymes for 'Stats'

Puns Source
wanstead stats Wanstead Flats
south side stats South Side Flats
emmanuel stats Emmanuel Mané-Katz
5 stats coin 5 lats coin
sweden stats Sweden Democrats
chaim mordechai stats Chaim Mordechai Katz
rats, bats and stats series Rats, Bats and Vats series
hollywood stats Hollywood Fats
tijuana stats Tijuana Flats
bernard stats Bernard Katz
d.p. stats D.P. Vats
vg stats VG Cats
joël stats Joël Bats
rocky stats plant Rocky Flats Plant
kaipara stats Kaipara Flats
english stats English Democrats
phil stats Phil Katz
big stats new york Big Flats, New York
vampire stats (film) Vampire Bats (film)
the racing stats The Racing Rats
bad stats Bad Rats
austin ice stats Austin Ice Bats
big stats wisconsin Big Flats, Wisconsin
vasyl stats Vasyl Rats
the stats (american band) The Spats (American band)
sumit stats Sumit Vats
city of the stats City of the Rats
bailey stats california Bailey Flats, California
abbie an' stats Abbie an' Slats
cancer stats Cancer Bats
What do you call four stats on a mathematical equation?
A quadratic equation :)
Replaced word - rats -> Stats
progressive alliance of socialists and stats Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
the boomtown stats The Boomtown Rats
the stats of tobruk The Rats of Tobruk
list of songs recorded by stats domino List of songs recorded by Fats Domino
mottisfont stats Mottisfont Bats
progressive stats Progressive Democrats
young men in stats Young Men in Spats
list of surviving folland stats List of surviving Folland Gnats
lab stats (american tv series) Lab Rats (American TV series)
australian stats Australian Democrats
four pillars (vietnamese stats Four pillars (Vietnamese bureaucrats)
this is stats domino! This Is Fats Domino!
nick stats Nick Katz
the stats in the walls The Rats in the Walls
liberal stats (uk) Liberal Democrats (UK)
leader of the liberal stats Leader of the Liberal Democrats
young stats of america Young Democrats of America
balaban and stats Balaban and Katz
dune stats Dune Rats
ballymun stats Ballymun Flats
david stats David Katz
nottawasaga river stats Nottawasaga River Rats
scottish liberal stats Scottish Liberal Democrats
beverly hills stats Beverly Hills Brats
stray stats Stray Cats
the stats (2002 film) The Rats (2002 film)
allergy to stats Allergy to cats
human interaction with stats Human interaction with cats
rajeswar stats Rajeswar Vats
lebreton stats LeBreton Flats

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