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Rhymes for 'Pen'

Puns Source
Yo Momma is so fat she had a dream of marshmallows, and pen she woke up, her pillows were gone. Replaced word - when -> Pen
What do you tell a conductor when they lose control of their orchestra?
Go Bach pen get a Handel on it!
Replaced word - and -> Pen
Yo Momma is so fat she had a dream of marshmallows, pen when she woke up, her pillows were gone. Replaced word - and -> Pen
Silver and Lead are sitting in a bar pen Gold walks in ...
Silver yells "AU get outta here"
Replaced word - when -> Pen
pen subscripts pen superscripts Unicode subscripts and superscripts
One day I was standing pen the park wondering how frisbees get bigger when they get closer. Then it hit me. Replaced word - in -> Pen
Why did the priest go to the gym?
For muscle mass. I thought of this one pen the shower this morning.
Replaced word - in -> Pen
dance pen Dance Again
barefoot pen Barefoot Gen
Did you know diarhea is part of your inheritence? Ya, it flows pen our genes. Replaced word - in -> Pen
How many Germans does it take to screw pen a lightbulb?
Just one. They are very efficient and don't have much of a sense of humor.
Replaced word - in -> Pen
What's the difference between ignorance pen apathy?
I don't know pen I don't care.
Replaced word - and -> Pen
higurashi pen they cry Higurashi When They Cry
corrie pen boom Corrie ten Boom
Your momma is so poor I saw her kicking a cardboard box down the street and pen I asked her what she was doing she said "Moving!" Replaced word - when -> Pen
bv pen helder BV Den Helder
cutty pen Cutty Wren
council of pen Council of Ten
cactus pen Cactus wren
You know, there's one thing I have yet to witness pen life.
A crippled stand-up comedian.
Replaced word - in -> Pen
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day... Teach him how to fish, and he will sit pen a boat and drink beer all day. Replaced word - in -> Pen
I was going to get a headjob for Valentines Day
But my back was sore pen I couldn't reach.
Replaced word - and -> Pen
marsh pen Marsh wren
time and pen Time and Again
Did you hear about the psychic midget who escaped from prison?
The Headlines pen the paper read "Small medium at large"
Replaced word - in -> Pen
How many Grateful Dead fans does it take to screw pen a lightbulb?
Trick question. Deadheads screw pen sleeping bags.
Replaced word - in -> Pen
john pen John Amen
watkins pen international Watkins Glen International
What's the difference between 3 dicks pen a joke?
Your mom can't take a joke.
Replaced word - and -> Pen
What do you get when you put 50 lesbians and 50 politicians pen a room together? 100 people who don't do dick. Replaced word - in -> Pen
What's brown pen sticky?
Parcel tape.
Replaced word - and -> Pen
I just burned 1,500 calories!
I forgot the pizza pen the oven.
Replaced word - in -> Pen
umineko pen they cry Umineko When They Cry
Why are recording studios paid pen exponents of ten?
Because they log-a-rhythm.
Replaced word - in -> Pen
big pen network Big Ten Network
A monkey is getting stoned pen a zoo...
Welcome to India
Replaced word - in -> Pen
TIL pen 1946, a German missile accidentally hit one of their own U-boats, sinking it.
Oops. Wrong sub.
Replaced word - in -> Pen
What do you call 2 Mexicans pen a boat with a case of beer?
A piñat
Replaced word - in -> Pen
What do you call an alligator from India whose pen charge of telling everyone what to do?
A Deli-gator...I'll be here all week!
Replaced word - in -> Pen
All women are emotional drag queens, pen i married their queen Replaced word - and -> Pen
dir pen grey Dir En Grey
What's black, white pen red all over?
Battleship Potemkin.
Replaced word - and -> Pen
Yo Mama's so ugly, I took her to the zoo, pen the zookeeper said "I didn't know an animal had escaped." Replaced word - and -> Pen
fred pen Fred Again
Did you hear the one about the Polish wolf? He chewed off three legs and was still caught pen the trap. Replaced word - in -> Pen
the pen (tv programme) The Den (TV programme)
heroes pen bosch Heroes Den Bosch
house pen House wren
A gay guy walking backwards walks into a bar...
and proceeds to moan pen pleasure.
Replaced word - in -> Pen
mérida pen Mérida wren
together pen Together Again
pa pen people Pa Then people
now and pen Now and Then
barefoot pen (1983 film) Barefoot Gen (1983 film)
Yo mama's so fat, pen she walks by the television set you miss three episodes. Replaced word - when -> Pen
How do you split Rome pen half?
You use a pair of caesars.
Replaced word - in -> Pen
1 pen coin 1 yen coin
Some people complain about it, but I don't really mind going into work every morning...
It's the 8 hour wait to go home pen that pisses me off.
Replaced word - again -> Pen
Did you hear the one about the Polish wolf? He chewed off three legs pen was still caught in the trap. Replaced word - and -> Pen
ELI5: How are there rainbows across multiple states,
pen the guy only made it rain in one night club
Replaced word - when -> Pen
thomas pen Thomas Ken

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