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Rhymes for 'Nerd'

Puns Source
indigo-capped nerd Indigo-capped hummingbird
william wright nerd William Wright Heard
blue nerd corporation Blue Bird Corporation
I nerd the Vatican was making a movie. The name?
Pope Fiction
Replaced word - heard -> Nerd
yellowstone bison nerd Yellowstone bison herd
2010 marshall thundering nerd football team 2010 Marshall Thundering Herd football team
Why do they call a nerd that lives by the sea, a seagul?
Because if it lived by the bay, it would be called a Bagel.
Replaced word - bird -> Nerd
eastern nerd Eastern bluebird
surfin' nerd Surfin' Bird
the l nerd The L Word
a nerd list A Preferred List
stephen nerd Stephen Heard
google nerd Google Preferred
together at the nerd café Together at the Bluebird Café
drinking nerd Drinking bird
john nerd John Heard
marvel nerd Marvel Absurd
growing up nerd Growing Up Absurd
western nerd Western bluebird
gar nerd Gar Heard
pig blood nerd Pig blood curd
nerd vote Two-party-preferred vote
nerd security Trust-preferred security
judgment nerd Judgment Deferred
vertical nerd Vertical Hummingbird
richard nerd Richard Herd
blake nerd Blake Curd
honeymoon nerd Honeymoon Deferred
major nerd Major third
pirre nerd Pirre hummingbird
momentum nerd Momentum Deferred
chris nerd Chris Herd
participating nerd stock Participating preferred stock
big nerd Big Bird
snowy-bellied nerd Snowy-bellied hummingbird
ginger milk nerd Ginger milk curd
marshall thundering nerd men's basketball Marshall Thundering Herd men's basketball
I nerd German invented new DDR-memory...
It's called "cyclone bee"
Replaced word - heard -> Nerd
nonce nerd Nonce word
martin nerd Martin Curd
i nerd it through the grapevine I Heard It Through the Grapevine
hot nerd Hot Bird
sarah harper nerd Sarah Harper Heard
football league nerd division Football League Third Division
aron's nerd armada Aron's Absurd Armada
nissan nerd Nissan Bluebird
blackburn nerd Blackburn Bluebird
costa's nerd Costa's hummingbird
ben nerd Ben Herd
Have you nerd about the sauna that serves food? Their specialty is steamed mussels. Replaced word - heard -> Nerd
vermilion nerd Vermilion Bird
a dream nerd A Dream Deferred
1st nerd 1st Word
augustine nerd & co. Augustine Heard & Co.
So I nerd a new Pope was elected today...
His wife and kids must be so proud!
Replaced word - heard -> Nerd
microsoft nerd Microsoft Word
amazilia nerd Amazilia hummingbird
minor nerd Minor third
mahesh dutta mishra nerd politician) Mahesh Dutta Mishra (Gird politician)
descend into the nerd Descend into the Absurd
fermented bean nerd Fermented bean curd

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