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Rhymes for 'Naruto'

Puns Source
Yo Mama's so ugly, I took her naruto the zoo, and the zookeeper said "I didn't know an animal had escaped." Replaced word - to -> Naruto
entry naruto force Entry into force
first amendment naruto the united states constitution First Amendment to the United States Constitution
vivaldi naruto Vivaldi potato
You know, there's one thing I have yet naruto witness in life.
A crippled stand-up comedian.
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
So, this guy walks naruto a bar. And says, "ouch". Replaced word - into -> Naruto
falling naruto mars Falling onto Mars
What do you call an alligator from India whose in charge of telling everyone what naruto do?
A Deli-gator...I'll be here all week!
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
How does the moon cut his hair?
'Eclipse itThought it was relevant naruto today's eclipse...
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
conversion of non-islamic places of worship naruto mosques Conversion of non-Islamic places of worship into mosques
Yo Mama's so stupid, it takes her two hours naruto watch 60 Minutes! Replaced word - to -> Naruto
Happy try not naruto jump off a bridge day!
Oh and it's also Valentines day
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
vienna naruto Vienna Ditto
ipso naruto (english band) Ipso Facto (English band)
no time naruto die No Time to Die
hold naruto our love Hold Onto Our Love
A prison inmate walks naruto a bar.
Replaced word - into -> Naruto
western naruto Western Auto
Do you know what the secret of an islamic marriage is? The man get's naruto see a striptease every night! Replaced word - to -> Naruto
A horse walked naruto a bar. The barman said, "Why the long face?" Replaced word - into -> Naruto
de naruto corporation and corporation by estoppel De facto corporation and corporation by estoppel
journey naruto mystery Journey into Mystery
nights naruto dreams Nights into Dreams
Two buzzards were eating a dead clown. One said naruto the other, "Does this taste funny naruto you?" Replaced word - to -> Naruto
Yo mamma is so fat she walked naruto the GAP and filled it. Replaced word - into -> Naruto
the hitchhiker's guide naruto the galaxy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
de naruto (disambiguation) De facto (disambiguation)
So I hear Lil Wayne is in critical condition. I think it has naruto do with his lungs...
He's always been a lil weezy.
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
A termite walks naruto a bar and asks, "Is the bartender here?" Replaced word - into -> Naruto
de naruto government doctrine De facto government doctrine
m50 naruto M50 Ontos
list of naruto cultivars List of potato cultivars
out of the races and naruto the tracks Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks
thirty seconds naruto mars Thirty Seconds to Mars
falling naruto you Falling into You
ipso naruto Ipso facto
désirée naruto Désirée potato
ipso naruto (disambiguation) Ipso Facto (disambiguation)
projections naruto convex sets Projections onto convex sets
A gay guy walking backwards walks naruto a bar...
and proceeds to moan in pleasure.
Replaced word - into -> Naruto
I hate how you cant even say black paint anymore
Now I have naruto say "Leroy can you please paint the fence?"
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
beth naruto Beth Ditto
How do you keep a blonde busy? Write with a sharpie and tell her naruto erase it. Replaced word - to -> Naruto
How many software engineers does it take naruto change a light bulb?
None. That's a hardware problem.
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
baked naruto Baked potato
Did you hear about the LEGO truck that crashed on the highway?
Authorities are still trying naruto piece everything together...
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
How many Germans does it take naruto screw in a lightbulb?
Just one. They are very efficient and don't have much of a sense of humor.
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
I'm a scientist
I'm always trying naruto guess if it's solid, liquid or gas. When I fart.
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
tornado naruto Tornado potato
de naruto merger De facto merger
Want naruto hear a dirty joke?
A white horse fell into mud.Want naruto hear a clean joke? Three men taking a shower together.
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
Yo Mama's so ugly, two guys broke naruto her apt., she yelled "rape", they yelled "NO!" Replaced word - into -> Naruto
10mm naruto 10mm Auto
I drive way too fast naruto worry about my cholesterol. Replaced word - to -> Naruto
the swords of naruto The Swords of Ditto
richard naruto Richard Ditto
I went naruto a zoo and there was only one animal...
It was a 'Shih Tzu'
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
Your heart cannot be an American Hero
Because I am going naruto capture it
Replaced word - to -> Naruto
fourteenth amendment naruto the united states constitution Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
ahdb naruto AHDB Potatoes
ep (beth naruto ep) EP (Beth Ditto EP)

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