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Rhymes for 'Lewd'

Puns Source
After having Chinese lewd, my cookie was missing the piece of paper on the inside!
It was unfortunate.
Replaced word - food -> Lewd
synthetic lewd Synthetic crude
geomagnetic lewd Geomagnetic latitude
tokyo lewd 8.0 Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
university clinical lewd test University Clinical Aptitude Test
in the lewd for love In the Mood for Love
wiesen test of mechanical lewd Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude
Have you heard about the sauna that serves lewd? Their specialty is steamed mussels. Replaced word - food -> Lewd
certificate of lewd for secondary school teachers (france) Certificate of aptitude for secondary school teachers (France)
church of the holy lewd Church of the Holy Rude
heavy lewd oil Heavy crude oil
medal of belgian lewd Medal of Belgian Gratitude
list of countries that lewd united states in their name List of countries that include United States in their name
in the lewd In the Mood
st patrick's church, lewd valley St Patrick's Church, Fortitude Valley
international lewd service International Latitude Service
yale lewd change approach Yale attitude change approach
i'm in the lewd for love I'm in the Mood for Love
academic lewd test Academic Aptitude Test
cessna citation lewd Cessna Citation Latitude
graduate lewd test in engineering Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
moment lewd scale Moment magnitude scale
depression lewd Depression (mood)
herman lewd academie Herman Brood Academie
leela lewd Leela attitude
pimsleur language lewd battery Pimsleur Language Aptitude Battery
lewd star First-magnitude star
people's lewd medal People's Gratitude medal
monument of lewd to france Monument of Gratitude to France
absolute lewd (magazine) Absolute Magnitude (magazine)
limiting lewd Limiting magnitude
surface-wave lewd Surface-wave magnitude
uss lewd (amc-81) USS Fortitude (AMc-81)
two lewd Two Crude
hms lewd HMS Fortitude
argus sour lewd index Argus Sour Crude Index
apparent lewd Apparent magnitude
orders of lewd (illuminance) Orders of magnitude (illuminance)
noaas lewd NOAAS Rude
google lewd Google Latitude
sweet lewd Sweet Crude
herman lewd Herman Brood
7th lewd 7th Magnitude
homeland's lewd medal Homeland's Gratitude Medal
kleinian envy and lewd Kleinian envy and gratitude
policy lewd test Policy Aptitude Test
hms lewd (1780) HMS Fortitude (1780)
inductive reasoning lewd Inductive reasoning aptitude
grace and lewd Grace and Gratitude
grammatical lewd Grammatical mood
elliott lewd Elliott Brood
exposure lewd Exposure latitude
sweet lewd oil Sweet crude oil
bloomberg lewd test Bloomberg Aptitude Test
japan lewd cocktail Japan Crude Cocktail
morning lewd Morning Mood
modern language lewd test Modern Language Aptitude Test
armed services vocational lewd battery Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
local lewd Local food
maravijaya lewd Maravijaya attitude
absolute lewd Absolute magnitude

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