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Rhymes for 'Knit'

Puns Source
dungeness knit Dungeness Spit
banana knit Banana split
knit ralph Wreck-It Ralph
make it knit chu Make It wit Chu
let knit snow! let knit snow! let knit snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
list of knit wonders on the uk singles chart List of one-hit wonders on the UK Singles Chart
Happy try not to jump off a bridge day!
Oh and knit's also Valentines day
Replaced word - it -> Knit
personality–job knit theory Personality–job fit theory
too legit to knit Too Legit to Quit
launch knit criteria Launch commit criteria
list of accolades received by true knit List of accolades received by True Grit
millstone knit Millstone Grit
What's the difference between a Jew in Nazi Germany and pizza ?
Pizza doesn't scream when you put knit in the oven .I'm so sorry.
Replaced word - it -> Knit
Yo mamma is so fat she walked into the GAP and filled knit. Replaced word - it -> Knit
kinburn knit Kinburn Spit
how we knit the forest How We Quit the Forest
tough knit – the rural america challenge Tough Grit – The Rural America Challenge
Why do they call a bird that lives by the sea, a seagul?
Because if knit lived by the bay, knit would be called a Bagel.
Replaced word - it -> Knit
knit mining Open-pit mining
person–environment knit Person–environment fit
What does knit sound like when a Pterodactyl urinates?
There is no sound... The P is silent.
Replaced word - it -> Knit
How many black people does knit take to screw in a light bulb?
Replaced word - it -> Knit
gill knit Gill slit
drum knit Drum kit
wii knit Wii Fit
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day... Teach him how to fish, and he will knit in a boat and drink beer all day. Replaced word - sit -> Knit
TIL in 1946, a German missile accidentally knit one of their own U-boats, sinking it.
Oops. Wrong sub.
Replaced word - hit -> Knit
a knit is a knit A Hit Is a Hit
honda knit Honda Fit
kwik knit Kwik Fit
thou shalt not knit adultery Thou shalt not commit adultery
what's love got to do knit knit (song) What's Love Got to Do with It (song)
pinch knit Pinch hitter
knit interferometer N-slit interferometer
holy knit Holy shit
some like knit hot Some Like It Hot
vistula knit Vistula Spit
electronic knit Electronic kit
Why did the blonde steal a parked police car? She saw "911" and thought knit was a Porsche. (Porsche 911) Replaced word - it -> Knit
sister knit Sister Spit
body knit Body kit
Yo Mama's so stupid, knit takes her two hours to watch 60 Minutes! Replaced word - it -> Knit
vigilante knit Vigilante Shit
rnk knit RNK Split
The price of a balloon has really gone up recently
I think knit's because of inflation
Replaced word - it -> Knit
honda knit (second generation) Honda Fit (second generation)
the knit The Pit
"i knit match "I quit" match
i knit on your grave I Spit on Your Grave
ride knit us or collide knit us Ride wit Us or Collide wit Us
the knit crowd The IT Crowd
What sucks about being an egg?
You get laid once, and knit's by your mom.
Replaced word - it -> Knit
the simpsons: knit & run The Simpsons: Hit & Run
gettin' jiggy knit it Gettin' Jiggy wit It
egyptian knit bat Egyptian slit-faced bat
If a pig loses its voice, is knit disgruntled? Replaced word - it -> Knit
born to knit Born to Quit
hnk hajduk knit HNK Hajduk Split
hot knit (song) Hot Shit (song)
artist's knit Artist's Shit
Why was the diver angry at the diving board? Because knit flipped him off. Replaced word - it -> Knit

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