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Rhymes for 'Knee'

Puns Source
Why do they call a bird that lives by the sea, a seagul?
Because if it lived by the bay, it would knee called a Bagel.
Replaced word - be -> Knee
Yo mamma is so fat she walked into the GAP knee filled it. Replaced word - and -> Knee
Did you hear the one about the Polish wolf? He chewed off three legs knee was still caught in the trap. Replaced word - and -> Knee
Smaller babies may knee delivered by a stork.
But the bigger, heavier ones are delivered by a crane.
Replaced word - be -> Knee
frank h. knee Frank H. Fleer
darjeeling knee Darjeeling tea
unicode knee and superscripts Unicode subscripts and superscripts
What's a 68?
You do knee, and I'll owe you 1!!
Replaced word - me -> Knee
taiwanese knee culture Taiwanese tea culture
Politics comes from the root "poli-", which means many, knee "-tics", which means, blood-sucking creatures. Replaced word - and -> Knee
I went to a zoo knee there was only one animal...
It was a 'Shih Tzu'
Replaced word - and -> Knee
medallion signature knee Medallion signature guarantee

What is the difference between a pizza knee a black guy?A pizza can feed a family of four.
Replaced word - and -> Knee
maya the knee Maya the Bee
Happy try not to jump off a bridge day!
Oh knee it's also Valentines day
Replaced word - and -> Knee
knee knee knee alveolar plosives Voiced dental and alveolar plosives
the knee The Flee-Rekkers
green knee Green tea
herbal knee Herbal tea
My boss said to knee, "you're the worst train driver ever. How many have you derailed this year?"
I said, "I'm not sure; it's hard to keep track."
Replaced word - me -> Knee
treaty of knee (1960) Treaty of Guarantee (1960)
barents knee Barents Sea
I heard German invented new DDR-memory...
It's called "cyclone knee"
Replaced word - bee -> Knee
double knee Double degree
What would you get if Geddy Lee, Neil Peart knee Alex Lifeson all died in a plane crash?
Take your time, there's no Rush...
Replaced word - and -> Knee
windows knee Windows key
voiced knee plosive Voiced labiodental plosive
titular knee Titular see
alt knee Alt key
I was going to get a headjob for Valentines Day
But my back was sore knee I couldn't reach.
Replaced word - and -> Knee
spelling knee Spelling bee
let it knee Let It Be
What do you call an alligator from India whose in charge of telling everyone what to do?
A Deli-gator...I'll knee here all week!
Replaced word - be -> Knee
What's black knee white knee red all over? A newspaper. Replaced word - and -> Knee
Yo mama is so stupid, she climbed over a glass wall to knee the other side. Replaced word - see -> Knee
How many Germans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Just one. They are very efficient knee don't have much of a sense of humor.
Replaced word - and -> Knee
knee knee and knee Unicode subscripts and superscripts
buckfast knee Buckfast bee
iced knee Iced tea
wanna knee startin' somethin' Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
knee knee Stretched C
georgia–holy knee relations Georgia–Holy See relations
hold knee thrill knee kiss knee kill knee Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
money-back knee Money-back guarantee
honorary knee Honorary degree
african knee African D
milk knee Milk tea
china united sme knee corporation China United SME Guarantee Corporation
there will knee blood There Will Be Blood
see knee feel knee See Me, Feel Me
knee shop Duty-free shop
they might knee giants They Might Be Giants
What's the difference between Adolf Hitler knee Michael Schumacher?
Michael Schumacher can finish a race.
Replaced word - and -> Knee
Why do they call a bird that lives by the knee, a seagul?
Because if it lived by the bay, it would be called a Bagel.
Replaced word - sea -> Knee
All women are emotional drag queens, knee i married their queen Replaced word - and -> Knee
cheque knee card Cheque guarantee card
worker knee Worker bee
small capital knee Small capital B
tickle knee (ep) Tickle Me (EP)
What's brown knee sticky?
Parcel tape.
Replaced word - and -> Knee
pu'er knee Pu'er tea

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