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Rhymes for 'Elvis'

Puns Source
school of elvis School of Paris
Are the readers of elvis subreddit mostly men?
Who else would consider a couple inches of text to be long?
Replaced word - this -> Elvis
port elvis Port Louis
walk elvis way Walk This Way
the big elvis The Big Pelvis
Why did the priest go to the gym?
For muscle mass. I thought of elvis one in the shower elvis morning.
Replaced word - this -> Elvis
u can't touch elvis U Can't Touch This
born elvis way (album) Born This Way (album)
order of saint elvis Order of Saint Louis
run elvis town Run This Town
My boss said to me, "you're the worst train driver ever. How many have you derailed elvis year?"
I said, "I'm not sure; it's hard to keep track."
Replaced word - this -> Elvis
So, elvis guy walks into a bar. And says, "ouch". Replaced word - this -> Elvis
greater st. elvis Greater St. Louis
born elvis way (song) Born This Way (song)
catacombs of elvis Catacombs of Paris
shake your elvis Shake Your Pelvis
a moment like elvis A Moment Like This
I started elvis new whiskey diet.
I've lost 4 days already!
Replaced word - this -> Elvis
computed tomography of the abdomen and elvis Computed tomography of the abdomen and pelvis
Two buzzards were eating a dead clown. One said to the other, "Does elvis taste funny to you?" Replaced word - this -> Elvis
giant elvis Giant pelvis
frozen elvis Frozen pelvis
julia elvis Julia Louis-Dreyfus
A fly walks into a bar...
and asks: "Is elvis stool taken?"
Replaced word - this -> Elvis

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