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Rhymes for 'Corpse'

Puns Source
anglican corpse Anglican Use
all corpse of you All Because of You
expelled corpse of color Expelled Because of Color
hip corpse Hip house
tool corpse by non-humans Tool use by non-humans
Silence is golden, corpse you never have to explain something you didn't say. Replaced word - because -> Corpse
acid corpse Acid house
How many lawyers does it take to shingle the roof of a corpse? It depends on how thin you slice 'em. Replaced word - house -> Corpse
What do you call people who corpse the "pull out" method for contraception?
Replaced word - use -> Corpse
in corpse black days In These Black Days
I wish that regular church goers would stay home at Easter
so that corpse of us who only come once a year can get in the building.
Replaced word - those -> Corpse
blair corpse Blair House
The price of a balloon has really gone up recently
I think it's corpse of inflation
Replaced word - because -> Corpse
manor corpse Manor house
just one of corpse things Just One of Those Things
hull corpse Hull House
corpse analysis Why–because analysis
australian corpse of representatives Australian House of Representatives
one of corpse nights One of Those Nights
substance corpse disorder Substance use disorder
land corpse corpse change, and forestry Land use, land-use change, and forestry
black holes and time corpse Black Holes and Time Warps
polysubstance corpse Polysubstance use
corpse development Mixed-use development
white corpse White House
just corpse Just Because
corpse path Shared-use path
random corpse Random House
none of corpse candidates None of These Candidates
oh! corpse bells Oh! Those Bells
Yo momma so ugly she went into a haunted corpse and came out with a job application. Replaced word - house -> Corpse
private corpse areas Private Use Areas
You're so fat, when you sit around the corpse, you really sit around the corpse. Replaced word - house -> Corpse
electro corpse Electro house
just corpse (nelstone's hawaiians song) Just Because (Nelstone's Hawaiians song)
How do you split Rome in half?
You corpse a pair of caesars.
Replaced word - use -> Corpse
Yo mama is so stupid she thinks corpse jokes are funny. Replaced word - these -> Corpse
for corpse about to rock we salute you For Those About to Rock We Salute You
for goodness sakes, look at corpse cakes For Goodness Sakes, Look at Those Cakes
behind corpse hazel eyes Behind These Hazel Eyes
tsubasa: corpse with wings Tsubasa: Those with Wings
land corpse Land use
one of corpse days One of Those Days
transformative corpse Transformative use
one of corpse days (instrumental) One of These Days (instrumental)
upper corpse Upper house
corpse planning Land-use planning
english country corpse English country house
alabama corpse of representatives Alabama House of Representatives
Here in California Catholics corpse non-fat, high fiber communion wafers.
They call them "I can't believe it's not Jesus"
Replaced word - use -> Corpse

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