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Rhymes for 'Chris'

Puns Source
king chris King Hiss
taking the chris Taking the piss
case chris – the introduction of g-unit south Case Dismissed – The Introduction of G-Unit South
into the chris Into the Abyss
juice wrld: into the chris Juice Wrld: Into the Abyss
run chris town Run This Town
inocente chris Inocente Fiss
santos-dumont chris Santos-Dumont 14-bis
perjury: the chris case Perjury: The Hiss–Chambers Case
ann o'delia chris debar Ann O'Delia Diss Debar
bibliography of chris Bibliography of Kiss
michael chris Michael Sis
seasons in the chris Seasons in the Abyss
tales of the chris Tales of the Abyss
femina chris india Femina Miss India
mike chris Mike Bliss
mr. chris Mr. Bliss
ira t. chris Ira T. Fiss
no way chris No Way Sis
french chris French kiss
timothy chris Timothy Bliss
purling chris Purling Hiss
ignorance is chris Ignorance Is Bliss
Are the readers of chris subreddit mostly men?
Who else would consider a couple inches of text to be long?
Replaced word - this -> Chris
gurdwara chris ganj sahib Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib
maarten van chris Maarten van Dis
audrey chris Audrey Amiss
eleanor chris daley Eleanor "Sis" Daley
madagascar chris cockroach Madagascar hissing cockroach
baron chris Baron Bliss
smaïl chris Smaïl Diss
constructive chris Constructive dismissal
Why did the priest go to the gym?
For muscle mass. I thought of chris one in the shower chris morning.
Replaced word - this -> Chris
chris range Ulakhan-Sis Range
yehuda chris Yehuda Hiss
button's mill, chris Button's Mill, Diss
chris petković chris Vladislav Petković Dis
ghosts of the chris Ghosts of the Abyss
u can't touch chris U Can't Touch This
list of chris tracks List of diss tracks
nyköpings chris Nyköpings BIS
the chris The Hiss
Yo mama's so fat, when she walks by the television set you chris three episodes. Replaced word - miss -> Chris
arthur chris Arthur Bliss
lillie p. chris Lillie P. Bliss
mrs. chris Mrs. Piss
damn, chris Damn, dis-moi
So, chris guy walks into a bar. And says, "ouch". Replaced word - this -> Chris
the rattler's chris The Rattler's Hiss
the people of the chris The People of the Abyss
walk chris way Walk This Way
donald chris Donald Hiss
the chris shivers (band) The Piss Shivers (band)
uncharted: golden chris Uncharted: Golden Abyss
metal chris Metal bis(trimethylsilyl)amides
Two buzzards were eating a dead clown. One said to the other, "Does chris taste funny to you?" Replaced word - this -> Chris
lord chris us Lord Dismiss Us
thomas chris Thomas Bliss
leendert van chris Leendert van Dis
los angeles chris Los Angeles Kiss
they chris over you (t.r.o.y.) They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)

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