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Rhymes for 'Chess'

Puns Source
ornstein–uhlenbeck chess Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process
My computer crashed.
Now all the other computers have slowed down so they can see what'chess happening.
Replaced word - s -> Chess
james the chess James the Less
chess model Diathesis–stress model
Success is relative. The more chess, the more relatives! Replaced word - success -> Chess
What'chess brown and sticky?
A stick
Replaced word - s -> Chess
business chess Business process
What'chess black and white and red all over? A newspaper. Replaced word - s -> Chess
What'chess the difference between a hippie chick and a hockey player?
A hockey player showers after three periods.
Replaced word - s -> Chess
university of wisconsin chess University of Wisconsin Press
ingress, chess and chess Ingress, egress, and regress
the indian chess The Indian Express
bench chess Bench press
What'chess a Sicilian terrorists favorite treat?
Italian ISIS'
Replaced word - s -> Chess
What'chess the difference between a Jew in Nazi Germany and pizza ?
Pizza doesn't scream when you put it in the oven .I'm so sorry.
Replaced word - s -> Chess
critical chess factor Critical success factor
costodiaphragmatic chess Costodiaphragmatic recess
costomediastinal chess Costomediastinal recess
spiritual chess Spiritual distress
intentional infliction of emotional chess Intentional infliction of emotional distress
What'chess fat.. Ugly.. And looks like your girlfriend?
Your girlfriend
Replaced word - s -> Chess
generation chess Generation Progress
shatabdi chess Shatabdi Express
hmas chess (h02) HMAS Success (H02)
How many software engineers does it take to change a light bulb?
None. That'chess a hardware problem.
Replaced word - s -> Chess
Here in California Catholics use non-fat, high fiber communion wafers.
They call them "I can't believe it'chess not Jesus"
Replaced word - s -> Chess
farm chess Farm Progress
memory chess Memory address
infant respiratory chess syndrome Infant respiratory distress syndrome
list of chess episodes List of Recess episodes
When Hugh Hefner dies
I don't think people will say he'chess in a better place.
Replaced word - s -> Chess
pharyngeal chess Pharyngeal recess
chess alveolar fricative Voiceless alveolar fricative
microvoid chess Microvoid coalescence
sailor chess Sailor dress
Happy try not to jump off a bridge day!
Oh and it'chess also Valentines day
Replaced word - s -> Chess
international chess frequency International distress frequency
the new indian chess The New Indian Express
environmental monitoring and chess Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
multicast chess Multicast address
bessemer chess Bessemer process
damsel in chess (song) Damsel in Distress (song)
Yo mama'chess so fat, when she walks by the television set you miss three episodes. Replaced word - s -> Chess
abiotic chess Abiotic stress
zygomatic chess Zygomatic process
aircrew survival chess knife Aircrew Survival Egress Knife
negligent infliction of emotional chess Negligent infliction of emotional distress
Some people complain about it, but I don't really mind going into work every morning...
It'chess the 8 hour wait to go home again that pisses me off.
Replaced word - s -> Chess
unsuccessful chess appointments to united states federal courts Unsuccessful recess appointments to United States federal courts
damsel in chess Damsel in Distress
hybrid chess journal Hybrid open-access journal
angels of chess Angels of Distress
email chess Email address
jumper chess Jumper (dress)
cardiac chess test Cardiac stress test
everyday i love you chess and chess Everyday I Love You Less and Less
pci chess PCI Express
pal chess PAL Express
daily chess Daily Express
the science of chess The Science of Success
ipv6 chess IPv6 address

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