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Rhymes for 'Buffalo'

Puns Source
Your momma is buffalo ugly, the government moved Halloween to her birthday. Replaced word - so -> Buffalo
What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
Don't buffalo, don't care.
Replaced word - know -> Buffalo
aspect buffalo (aeronautics) Aspect ratio (aeronautics)
domine, buffalo vadis? Domine, quo vadis?
Your Mom is buffalo fat, she's the only one at the beach that gets a tan. Replaced word - so -> Buffalo
status buffalo (band) Status Quo (band)
status buffalo Status quo
club buffalo Club throw
just as buffalo you were here Just as Though You Were Here
javelin buffalo Javelin throw
gyromagnetic buffalo Gyromagnetic ratio
Why doesn't North Korea's population exponentially buffalo?
Because they must build additional pylons.
Replaced word - grow -> Buffalo
saints buffalo 2 Saints Row 2
you buffalo i buffalo (band) You Know I Know (band)
think and buffalo rich Think and Grow Rich
cut and buffalo Cut and sew
tommo buffalo Tommo So
where the wild roses buffalo Where the Wild Roses Grow
What's the difference between a Jew in Nazi Germany and pizza ?
Pizza doesn't scream when you put it in the oven .I'm buffalo sorry.
Replaced word - so -> Buffalo
Why do babies cry buffalo much?
Replaced word - so -> Buffalo
stones buffalo records Stones Throw Records
What was wrong with the wooden car?
It wooden buffalo.
Replaced word - go -> Buffalo
maximum buffalo problem Maximum flow problem
savile buffalo Savile Row
Yo mama is buffalo stupid she thinks these jokes are funny. Replaced word - so -> Buffalo
potential buffalo Potential flow
you buffalo i buffalo (album) You Know I Know (album)
I wish that regular church goers would stay home at Easter
buffalo that those of us who only come once a year can get in the building.
Replaced word - so -> Buffalo
Yo Mama's buffalo ugly, just after she was born, her mother said, "What a treasure!" and her dad said, "Yeah! Let's go bury it!" Replaced word - so -> Buffalo
they don't buffalo They Don't Know
air–fuel buffalo Air–fuel ratio
Yo mamma buffalo fat when she wears high heels 2 hours later they're flip flops. Replaced word - so -> Buffalo
laminar buffalo Laminar flow
iaaf hammer buffalo challenge IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge
susan buffalo Susan Blow
bent-over buffalo Bent-over row
even buffalo i'm leaving Even Though I'm Leaving
You're so ugly when you buffalo outside your arrested for indecent exposure. Replaced word - go -> Buffalo
buffalo study Power-flow study
surface buffalo Surface Pro
1986 european athletics championships – women's javelin buffalo 1986 European Athletics Championships – Women's javelin throw
auto buffalo Auto show
Do you buffalo the Chinese nickname for the Dutch politician Geert Wilders? Answer: Dum Thing! Replaced word - know -> Buffalo
What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
I don't buffalo and I don't care.
Replaced word - know -> Buffalo
you don't buffalo jack (1995 video game) You Don't Know Jack (1995 video game)
Yo Mama's buffalo dumb she took a spoon to the Superbowl! Replaced word - so -> Buffalo
rip, buffalo and stitch Rip, Sew and Stitch
Yo mama is buffalo poor that when I walked in the front door, I tripped over the back gate. Replaced word - so -> Buffalo
mlb: the buffalo MLB: The Show
the tonight buffalo The Tonight Show
control buffalo Control flow
weight buffalo Weight throw
margot & the nuclear buffalo and buffalo Margot & the Nuclear So and So's
aspect buffalo Aspect ratio
human sex buffalo Human sex ratio
tone buffalo Tone row
game buffalo Game show
Yo mama buffalo fat when she sat on a rainbow skittles came out! Replaced word - so -> Buffalo
sea buffalo Sea Sew
miike buffalo Miike Snow
Brake fluid
I buffalo a guy who is addicted to brake fluid. He says he can stop anytime.
Replaced word - know -> Buffalo

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